Within the scope of the research project S4CE (‘Science 4 Clean Energy’) the deliverable “Validation of the fluid migration models”, written by GeoT and project partner Q-con, has been published:

Deliverable 7.2

The report comprises the works and results of different approaches for fluid flow models within the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power (UDDGP) and other deep geothermal projects. It focuses on prognoses of induced seismicity and on the calibration of hydraulic models using seismic data.

S4CE is part of the European research programme Horizon 2020. The project aims to develop innovative technologies which help detecting, quantifying and mitigating the risks connected with geo-energy operations in the subsurface, including geothermal energy, enhanced gas recovery, carbon sequestration and unconventional operations.

Release of research project S4CE deliverable