Profound exploration is essential for the success of a deep geothermal project. It comprises a variety of different methods to explore and characterize the geothermal resource. GeoT designs optimally adapted exploration programs for each project by individual composing of the different exploration methods.

GeoT’s portfolio includes:

  • Preliminary studies
  • Development of exploration strategies
  • Geological field surveys
  • Geochemical surveys (incl. isotopic analyses of noble gases)
  • Planning and supervision of geophysical exploration campaigns
  • Evaluation and interpretation of underground data (e.g. 2D/3D-seismics, geophysical log data)
  • Geological 3D underground modeling
  • Geomechanical modeling
  • Thermohydraulic modeling
  • Target definition
  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Approval procedures
  • Tender management
  • Well planning
  • Wellsite geology
  • Planning, evaluation and interpretation of hydraulic testing
  • Feasibility studies